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so there won't be a next season? LET'S GO NUTS ON THIS ONE!
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So here you are. You've worked on this series that has lasted for some time, perhaps way more than most series do. Lately things have gone really well, but the ratings are low and the bosses keep messing up your premises. Perhaps the show has been around for so long that the team has just run out of good ideas, the Myth Arc has just not gone anywhere, or even the toys aren't selling enough for the execs to consider their Cash Cow Franchise to be worth being kept alive. So what do they do? They decide to end the series. Wow, that's terrible, so you just have one last season to work with, and you'll have no more work. So...what do you do now?

Well, if you're going out, then you'll go out with style and without restrictions!

Remember those ideas you never used because they were too crazy? You'll throw them out there like nobody's business. Those obscure plot points you weren't supposed to reveal until three story arcs later? It would be a waste not to use them! Those jokes that were a little too obscene to meet the taste of the Moral Guardians? You'll find a way to sneak them into the script.

Basically it means that since it's the last season of the show, you'll just throw caution to the winds and do whatever you couldn't do before. If the series is sentenced to death it will die with a BLAST.

Depending on how it's done the results may vary. If done correctly, it could be a great way to end the series and even resurrect it from its ashes. If done badly it could be the nail in the coffin that leaves no opportunity for future attempts to bring it back.

Compare/Contrast Cancellation, Finale Season (for when the ending was planned at that point since the beginning), No Ending (when concluded too abruptly), Too Good to Last (in the eyes of some fans), Final Season Casting (when budget constraints in the last season or other reasons require the main cast to be replaced), Gecko Ending (when the TV version was finished before the media it took its origin did), Growing the Beard (if the ending was good, it may be considered a last minute growth), UnCancelled and Post-Script Season.


  • Power Rangers in Space. It was planned to be the last season of Power Rangers, so the writers did a good job in that one (often considered among the best of the entire franchise), and in fact it helped to prevent its cancellation.
  • Sonichu's author decided to end the series in chapter ten, where he basically finally got himself laid, filled (just a few) plot holes and brutally tortured his trolls and detractors... wait...what?
  • Roseanne
  • Smallville is currenlty going through this.
  • When it became clear that Justice League Unlimited won't get another season, the writers went and outright killed a good half of established villains in the final episodes, including Gorilla Grodd, Lex Luthor, and Darkseid (again).
  • Brad Kern thought the seventh season of Charmed was going to be the last so he did this and did it again when the eigth season turned out to be the last.
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