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The Emperor's New Unreality

A tropers' trope about discussing tropes too loudly in the wrong company.

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You are deconstructing a tale with all your wit and wisdom just burning away on jet fuel... and then you notice that a whole lotta people are upset at one of your intellectual insights...

Think about that discussion track-side, in one of the "Final Destination" movies, of the violence of car-racing, and how the bloody mess is okay because it involves the drivers rather than the audience. You opine that this is something of a snarky comment by the film's writers as to the general purposes of auto racing and the rather low-brow crowds that attend it... and then find that you are in the midst of a crowd of NASCAR fans. "NOT that I really believe there's anything wrong with auto-racing myself, but certainly a reasonable person might take exception to the mangling of human bodies for the purposes of entertainment... Why are you changing your grip on that pool cue?"

Short Thesis: Discussing tropes can sometimes lead to embarrassing, humorous, or even dangerous situations that strongly resemble situations in fiction. This is because some tropes in fiction skewer members of the audience, or members of another sort of audience entirely. Fiction can also effectively skewer distributed ignorance, in which "everybody (who's cool) knows" something that some other people find appallingly stupid.

Example: Ralph Snart comic doing a complete issue parodying Dungeons and Dragons, and by extension, the players of D&D, who probably overlap quite a bit with the RS audience.

Is this fiction engaging in a memetic "survival of the fittest", is it RS poking fun at its audience, or what? Now mention the pathos of this issue at Dragon-Con, and what happens?

Noted: definitely needs a better title, suffers from "Example as Thesis".

That Came Out Wrong, Accidental Innuendo, Unfortunate Implications and Freudian Slip all seem off the mark, as the offending comment is intentional and deliberate; the people around you don't like what you've said, and more because it's probably true.

Why can't there be tropers' tropes? You've never had a moment like this, or at least had the presence of mind to keep your mouth shut for fear of just such a situation? You aren't a NASCAR fan, are you? P;D

Two motions to discard... bummer. Sort of proves my point though, if you squint a little. P;D On the upside, the TITLE has improved greatly!

See also: Squick triumphs over Squee, Ho Yay, Foe Yay, No Yay Explain these terms to any family members lately??

See also: Blue and Orange Morality, Black and White Morality "Sir, please remove your necktie made of bacon? Please."

Pro wrestling is never staged, that NASCAR driver died doing what he loved, UFC is full-contact, yet no-one has died in the ring, the Monkees were real musicians, and that's a penguin in Bloome County, not a puffin.

"Buckle your seatbelt, Dorothy, because Kansas is going bye-bye."

Wait a minute, you mean no work of fiction has ever done this at all? Never gored a really nasty sacred cow? C'mon, really? It surprises you that a meta-discussion of fiction might be just as powerful and dangerous as the fiction it refers to?

So pick a new tile, Lark. Stop bellyaching. P;D
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