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Find The Monster's Weakness
A plot where the goal is to find a way around ImmuneToBullets.
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Splitting up Five Rounds Rapid as per this thread.

When the Monster of the Week, movie or what have you attacks and is Immune to Bullets, the heroes have to go find some way of defeating the monster. Although defeating the monster can involve returning some kind of MacGuffin to the ancient tomb, this trope is about when the key to defeating the monster is finding it's Kryptonite Factor and then weaponizing it. It's also possible that simply switching to a different weapon might be effective, Kill It with Fire being a very popular one.

Expect the early part of the media to use Our Weapons Are Useless and horrible decimation of the Red Shirt Army.

Related Tropes: Attack Its Weak Point (for after you've found the weakness), and For Massive Damage for the effect.


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     Anime and Manga 
  • Parasyte: The creatures are tough enough to completely ignore bullets, but that doesn't stop a few police from opening fire and getting butchered. The main character takes them on by knowing their weaknesses, though, and the government soon learns their weaknesses and kills them off by the dozens with high-powered shotgun ammunition. Quickly Double Subverted by introducing a super-parasite that ignores THAT ammunition and massacres an entire platoon.

    Comic Books 
  • Irredeemable. It's unclear if the Plutonian has any weaknesses, but the heroes definitely want to know what they are, if they exist as he's effectively unstoppable if they can't find one.

  • Independence Day. After firing a massive amount of missiles at both the Mother Ship and the fighters, the humans have to find out a way to shut down the aliens' shields so they can fight effectively.

  • The Hobbit Bilbo accidentally discovers the one weak spot in the dragon Smaug's scales, and the information gets passed to Bard the Bowman, who only has one shot at hitting it.

    Live Action Television 
  • Stargate SG-1. The Anubis Warriors have armor that absorbs Energy Weapon fire and is completely bullet proof. Even large amounts of explosives can stop the things. It took quite some time to develop weapons that could be used to kill them.
  • Star Trek. The Borg have force fields around their ships and personal force fields around each of the Collective; during the Enterprise's first few encounters, they were constantly attempting to discern how to get their phasers to pierce the fields. It was accepted that only two or three shots would work before the Collective Mind would work its way around to altering the fields against the variant-power phaser blasts.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy kills The Judge, who ostensibly cannot be killed by a weapon forged, by blasting him to bits with a rocket launcher, which is not a forged weapon, nor existed when he was born.

    Tabletop Games 
  • The Awful Green Things From Outer Space. The crew of the starship Znutar must try various devices on the title monsters, hoping to find one that kills them.
  • Many monsters in Call of Cthulhu are immune to bullets (some deities are immune to artillery shells). Destroying them requires finding some attack they are vulnerable to. For example, Fire Vampires can be "put out" by water, sand, etc.
  • Champions. Many super characters have such high defenses that they're immune to bullets (and many other normal attacks). However, they may take a vulnerability to a specific attack in order to get more character points. If you can find out that vulnerability, you can do additional damage to them and take them down.

    Web Original 
  • The Salvation War. Small arms have to be adjusted and they switch from small high speed rounds like the 5.56mm to big, slow rounds like the Beowulf. The only changes made to most weapons is the addition of iron, and that's mostly just to hurt the demons more than regular bullets. When the humans avert Only Small Arms Exist, the human weaponry proves devastatingly effective and it's the demons who are stuck with the pathetically outmoded and virtually useless weapons. Every time the demons try one of their "classic" weapons, it fails miserably and the humans hit back with something unimaginably more lethal. For instance demonic lightning bolts are countered by massed salvoes from multiple-launch rocket batteries, brimstone is countered by Sarin nerve gas.

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