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Gay people are always the best kind of people.
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LGBT are beyond their personal preferences just like anybody else in any aspect normal people with flaws and virtues . However in fictionland gay people will always be portrayed as incredibly good people as long as their preferences are public of course given "closeted gay people" are good always bad people or antagonists for not embracing "their true selves"

Whenever the main protagonist are in need or let down they can always count with LGBT as their best most trustable friends.

Usually they are portrayed as much better than straight people in every aspect simply for being gay.They are more more trustable,"open minded", clean, attractive an generally enjoy life much more.


Live Action Tv
  • The TV movie Wedding Wars (a romantic comedy about gay marriage) stated that only gay men make great or even simply compentant hairdressers and wedding planners - after gay men go on strike across the country news anchors start appearing with messy, poorly styled hair and the only wedding planner the (straight) main couple can find is a woman with no taste or sense of proportion
Western Animation
  • Fairly Oddparents: Mr. Dinkle, the drama teacher, is flamboyantly gay. He's really quite the perfectionist when it comes to theater.
  • In Hey Arnold! the nicest teacher Mr. Simmons (who also happens to be one of the most postive characters besides arnold) is also curiously gay
  • Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide Similar to Hey Arnold! the gay teacher is the one that is closest to the kids and as Ned would put it "not insane".
Real Life
  • A protest in favor of gay marriage had several people holding signs saying "Who Do You Think Designs Those Fabulous Wedding Dresses?"

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