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Omega Ending
An ending in a video game that is only unlocked after you clear all other endings.
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A subtrope of Multiple Endings, where one of the endings (or the epilogue) can only be unlocked after you have discovered all other (non-Game Over) endings of the game.

May or may not be the Golden Ending. Closely related to New Game+.


Adventure Games
  • Shadow Of Destiny has two endings that can only be unlocked when you've seen all the normal endings.

Platform Games

RPG -- Action
  • In Odin Sphere, unlocking the game's epilogue requires seeing all cutscenes - including both the good and bad endings, but also every combination of the five player characters defeating the five final bosses.

RPG -- Eastern
  • Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is this trope, after a certain point. The branch happens after the prologue rather than the opening proper, though. Completing all stories with each area unlocked opens a Playable Epilogue.
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 has the normal endings, the paradox endings unlocked by collecting "fragments" throughout the game, and the super-secret epilogue unlocked by finding all endings, both normal and paradox.
  • The Chaos Rings series tends to have this.
    • In the original game, you can only initially play as one of two couples. Finishing the game for both unlocks two more couples you can play as. Finishing the game with all four unlocks a final chapter. Finishing the final chapter with all four finally unlocks the Golden Ending.
    • Chaos Rings II has two examples. You can only unlock the final chapter and True Ending after getting the Normal Ending. And then you can then only get the alternate Golden Ending in Endgame Plus after getting the True Ending.

Simulation Games

Survival Horror
  • In Eternal Darkness, each time you play through the game, there's one less ancient to choose from in the first level where you play as pre-Face-Heel Turn Pious. After you've completed the game with all three as an antagonist the epilogue reveals that the fourth god, who was helping the player, basically split reality into alternative timelines where each ancient was defeated and then merged them together so that they all were.

Visual Novels
  • Tsukihime has nine endings and an epilogue where Shiki meets his mentor Aoko Aozaki who compliments him on his choices in life. Interestingly, the epilogue is supposed to be canonical in each path/ending, including the one where Shiki dies.
  • A variation in Fate/stay night: There is a Tiger Dojo segment that becomes available only after discovering every good and bad ending in the game.
  • Hatoful Boyfriend has an extra route that's only accessible when you've seen every other ending. You play as Ryouta attempting to solve Hiyoko's grisly murder.
  • Ever17 has extra dialogue options that only appear when you've seen all the normal (good and bad) endings. The new options lead you to the true ending.
  • CLANNAD takes it further: after you've achieved all of the 'main' endings to the first part of the game, you unlock the second part, which comes with endings of its own. There's then a final ending to that, which is only achievable once you win every other ending. It's actually a plot point: when you finish each ending, you receive an orb of light, which in-universe is supposed to appear when a person experiences a moment of true happiness. For the final ending, Tomoya actually uses the orbs of light to grant him a wish, which is how the true ending happens.

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