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Superpowered Being Mundane Weaponry

A superpowered character prefers to use normal weapons and fighting techniques in combat.

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So, you're watching a new show on TV when the main character, a talking wolfman gets into a fight with a zombie. This ought to be interesting. Maybe the werewolf will use his superhuman strength to tear the zombie apart. Maybe he'll tear the zombie to shreds with his claws while slashing at superhuman speeds.

The fight begins and...

....The werewolf simply shoots the zombie dead with a gun. Wait, what?

Essentially, this is where a being who clearly has superpowers prefers to use normal weapons or fighting skills in combat. They prefer to use old fashioned guns and swords as weaponry. Or, in hand-to-hand combat, expect them to fight kung-fu style while holding back their full power.

There are many reasons why a character might do this. Maybe he wants to seperate himself from the more hostile members of his species. Maybe he was once human and wants to keep what little humanity he has left. Or, maybe he has an honor code and feels it would be more fair to fight using normal weaponry than with his supernatural abilities. Or, maybe, just maybe, he just feels that his enemies are not even worth using his full power on.

Whatever the reason, you just know this is the kind of guy who is more likely to slice you with a plain ol' sword than blast you with a ki attack.


  • Alucard from Hellsing. Sure, he's a supernatural vampire. Sure, he can perform all sorts of unholy supernatural powers to take out his enemies. His preferred mode of combat? Simply shoot them with a pair of guns.
  • The Showa (1955-1984) incarnation of Godzilla fought mainly using punches, kicks, clawing, biting, and his own cunning rather than relying on his destructive thermonuclear breath.
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