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Axe Before Entering

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So, there's someone who took a trip down crazy road right? And their terrified love interest, prey, significant other, what have you, is taking refuge behind a locked door, believing that they are safe. They're proven wrong of course, when the crazy person forcibly tries to open the locked door from the other side to get at them. The standard maneuvers being: chopping the door down with an axe, pulling at the door from the outside, throwing your body against the door, putting your hand through any openings attempting to unlock the door yourself.


  • This happens in Prince of Darkness when the Sealed Evil in a Can infects several members of a research team. It sends them after the uninfected members, having them break through blocked/locked doors to do so.
  • The Shining. "Here's Johnny!"
  • In The Man Who Knew Too Little, Wallace uses a croquet mallet to smash through a door. Naturally, he shouts "Heeeere's Johnny!" right after.

  • Subverted in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Rena attempts this in the first arc, but she can't get past the door chain. It doesn't make her stare any less creepy though.
  • Outlaw Star: Melfina shoots down Harry's requests to "go with him" and locks the door of the ship. Harry's pretty unstable and doesn't take it well. He bangs incessantly on the door but Melfina ignore his cries to let him in. Cue Harry shoving his fist through the door, and wrapping it around the throat of a surprised Melfina effectively pinning her in place and chocking her for a few moments. He releases her and opens the locks in a quick fashion, much to Melfina's horror. Yeah...nice work there, Romeo.

Live-Action TV
  • Big Damn Subversion on Jonathan Creek - a character breaks down the trademark Locked Door of the victim's room with an axe, which turns out to have been rigged with a gun barrel and trigger, and is used to shoot the victim while lodged in the door.

  • A Shout-Out to the Shining happens in Pink's music video for "Please Don't Leave Me".
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