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This when a character gets fired & the next job they get is massively lower in pay and perceived dignity then their original
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In fiction if some body gets fired or even just laid off you can expect their next job to be something that doesn’t pay much, is blue collar and not viewed to be very dignified, regardless or what they did before. In real life this sort of thing rarely happens because even if you’ve been fired a university degree, experience and intelligence still count for something, and often in real life unemployed people will purposefully avoid getting tied down to jobs they feel to be below them selves


  • In the second Transformers movie we see that the guy who was in charge of now closed down sector 7, now works in a deli
  • This happens to Dick in both versions of Fun With Dick And Jane. In the 2005 we see a montage of him looking for work as an executive and as the months pass he gets more and more desperate while their savings dwindle and the bills pile up.

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