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Obey Wario! Destroy Mario!

Alternate name: Mass Hypnosis

Why use your amazing powers of hypnotism merely to Hypnotise The Princess or make your hero's friend psychotic? Just steal some broadcasting equipment, record your message, and hypnotize the masses to do your bidding, build your weapons, and wipe out the hero.

You could end up with a couple different possible results; the hypnotized people could become zombies, or could become stay generally the same but still be compelled to follow you.

Compare Do Not Adjust Your Set
  • The image is from the commercial for Super Mario Land 2: The Golden Coins, which has Wario try to hypnotize the viewers into not beating the game.
  • In Mr Meaty, the titular company makes a hypnotism device that is designed to drive customers into a meat addicted frenzy. Unfortunately, after finishing off all the meat in the restaurant, the zombie customers decide that human meat is just as good.
  • The Joker does something like this in Justice League, but it's less "mass hypnosis" and more "mass insanity." Almost works, too.
  • Happened to a mall in an episode of Ben10.
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