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Adventurer / Explorer Outfit

Stylish wear to weather the wild.

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(caption) "There's no place we won't go! ... except Loge Knockoffia, nothing but pirates there."

Whether it's a trip to the serengeti, jaunt through time or pulp/steampunk adventures, these are the outfits you want to wear!

Subtrope of Stock Costume Traits.

There's actually a few ensembles that make up this trope, here's the ones that come to mind quickly:
  • Safari Outfit: Beige or tan linnen's, big brown belt, boots, probably a rifle and binoculars. Also, a safari hat, called a Pith Helmet; (monocle optional but recommended). Usually the wearer is book smart but ignorant of what they should actually wear for the expedition.
  • Airman: Usually includes a Scarf of Asskicking, leather gloves, leather jacket (with wool collar to avoid Hell-Bent for Leather) and light boots. Usually has and goggles or a helmet and pistol. When the Airman travels IN SPACE! they'll probably wear a Latex Space Suit.

A Post-apocalyptic Wanderer pe look is related, since it basically takes the Airman outfit, removes the scarf, adds chains, lots of belts (though a few shy of Too Many Belts), much more grime and a rifle. A trusty dog is optional, but recommended, but a motorcycle works as well.

  • The Ventures dress like this in the jungle episode of The Venture Bros..
  • The Time-Traveling parents from Runaways are a good generic explorer example, with all the leather and goggles and such. These are really a several different costume tropes, some of which may merit their own page.
  • Captain Ash in the TimeSplitters games.
  • You can get just such a costume in Fable 2.
  • Travelling Matt from Fraggle Rock, safari outfit.
  • Charles Muntz from Up, aviator outfit.
  • The Super Adventure Club from South Park spoofs this.

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