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Loud Gulp

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Exactly What It Says on the Tin: this trope is a Reaction Shot, where a character emits a clearly audible *Gulp!* Sometimes accompanied by a visibly-bobbing Adam's apple.

Usually happens in an Oh, Crap! situation. Very popular in animated works and Comic Books.

Also see Spit Take and Saying Sound Effects Out Loud. Not to be confused with Gigantic Gulp.


  • Woody gulps loudly when he sees Buzz Lightyear for the first time.
  • Happens very frequently in Tom and Jerry cartoons, with either Tom or Jerry in an Oh, Crap! situation.
  • Vince Mc Mahon, WWE owner, has turned this into an art.
  • Happens every episode of Moral Orel, just before Orel's father beats him as punishment for whatever he did wrong that day.
  • In Chicken Run, all the chickens gulp in unison after Ginger tells them that the food they've been eating was to fatten them up for slaughter.
  • The Cheat Commandos Gunhaver, Silent Rip, and Crackotage say it out loud.
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