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So, Bob just wrote a book. Only problem is: It's terrible. Horrible plot, horrible characters, horrible everything. However: There is still one silver cloud in the book. That scene where Alice tried to teach Carol to speak Spanish was genius. It's a shame the rest of the book couldn't be this good.

This Audience Reaction is when there is there is one element that detractors will admit is good. It could be a scene in a show or a song in an album, but it has to be the one loved part in an otherwise hated work.

  • The Stone Roses' second album Second Coming is generally considered to be weaker than their debut, but the song "Love Spreads", which happens to be their most successful single, is accepted by many fans.
  • Alanis Morissette's stint as a Teen Idol is widely considered to be terrible. But fans will accept "Too Hot" due to its somewhat Jagged Little Pill-esque sound.

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