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Short, flat-chested, bossy and violence-prone.
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Formerly Tiny Tyrannical Tsundere

Urusai! Urusai! Urusai!!!

A trend of the recent years, is a female character type, most commonly appearing in Light Novel series, and their anime adaptations.

In terms of personality, she has a Tsundere behavior, heavily leaning on the "Type A" side, and even more specifically, it's "Violent Approach". But unlike some others whose attitude only stems from their hot temper combined with awkward social skills with boys, hers seems to be an inherently dominant, bossy personality, almost to the point of evoking the position of a BDSM dominatrix.

This is often showed directly in how she adresses the Love Interest: Treating him as her property, refusing to acknowledge his free human status, even using belittling names like "dog", "slave", or "toy", instead.

In terms of plot relevance, she is usually the female lead of the work, in a POV Boy Poster Girl relationship with the male lead, and with a Supporting Harem of other girls as rivals.

Physically, she is portrayed with an immature, short body stucture, with no boobs to speak of, that is destined to result in a suppressed A-Cup Angst. The short body is further emphasized by her relatively long, at least waist length Rapunzel Hair, usually unkempt, or tied into Mega Twintails. They also tend to wear a Zettai Ryouiki (In fact, the "Grade S" classification of Zettai Ryouiki is based on a similar concept, though that requires only any twintails, and any kind of Tsundere behavior)

This character type was popularized by Shana of Shakugan no Shana, voiced by Rie Kugimiya, who went on to voice a series of similar characters, further emphasizing the similarities. These series of characters even had direct shout outs to the original, effectively using them as Expies of Shana, but then came some other, more indirectly related characters following the formula, and as the Fountain of Expies page description notes, this can result in the formation of a whole new archetype.

Well, that's what happened here.


Anime & Manga

  • Vocaloid Rin Kagamine is generally pictured as this, usually toward her brother.

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