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They Would Have By Now
When it becomes clear that a Will They Or Won't They plot arc can't have a satisfying resolution.
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Sometimes a series has a couple involved in a Will They or Won't They? plot arc, but the couple are no closer to being in a relationship in season seven or book twelve than they were in the beginning.

This can happen because other story elements take precedence and the relationship is lost in the shuffle or suffers Exponential Plot Delay because maintaining the status quo helps prolong the series. Basically there's a sense that if they haven't found a time or a place or a reason to get together yet, any Unresolved Sexual Tension between either was overrated in the first place, or has faded into oblivion.

If They Don't this may become Maybe Ever After or No Romantic Resolution.

If They Do it's likely to be a Last Minute Hookup.


Ranma - Ranma and Akane have been in a non-relationship with hints at UST for so long you feel that neither character is particularly attracted to the other.
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