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A generic sub-Saharan country in Africa
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A Bulungi is a fictional little country nestled in somewhere in Africa away from the realm of the Maghreb (the Arabic-speaking countries in the north of the continent). If used as a setting, expect to see either a jungle environment, savannah grassland, or, if in the extreme southern regions, a slightly more temperate forest-type area. Bulungis are often populated by a mix of white and black residents, the former of whom usually feature British accents. The country's name is usually composed of simple syllables and stereotypically "African"-sounding. In many cases, the Bulungi is in the midst of the transition process from its former sort of government to a more democratic type of rule, though this might not be going well for them. Depending upon how it is handled, a Bulungi can easily lend itself to Unfortunate Implications.

Compare and contrast with Ruritania, Qurac, Banana Republic, and Darkest Africa.


Comic Books


Live-Action TV
  • MacGyver featured several such countries over the course of its run. The country Kembezi from one episode of this show is unusual in that at one point it was actually shown on a map (it was supposedly in the vicinity of South Africa).
  • 24: Redemption features Sangala.
  • Zulabwe from Season Two of The A-Team.
  • Buranda from Yes, Minister, referred to on the show as a TPLAC--"Tinpot Little African Country".
  • In The West Wing, there was Equatorial Kundu, an African nation wracked by genocide.

Video Games
  • Kijuju from Resident Evil 5.
  • Far Cry 2 is set in a place like this, though it includes multiple environments one might expect in Africa (jungle, desert, savannah) in a very small space.

Web Original
  • The Trope Namer comes from The Onion, which had an article about Bulungi, a West African country whose existence was only attested to by its American ambassador.
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