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Supernatural Phone
A paranormal phone or cellphone.
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A supernatural and otherworldly phone or more commonly a cellphone. May have the ability to tell the future, teleportation device or could even be used as a weapon. It may also allow coversations with the dead or supernatual.

This type of phone tends to crop up in Urban Fantasy works. In sci-fi instead of having paranormal origins, the phone might be highly technologically advanced to do all sort of impossible things. In horror, the phone is usually a Evil Phone and might even be a Artifact of Doom.

See also Phone Call from the Dead.
Anime And Manga
  • In Bleach, some shinigami, Rukia at least, are shown to use special cell phones to detect spiritual pressure in a close location in the World of the Living and to communicate with Soul Society.
  • Mirai Nikki has almost every major character having and using a supernatural cellphone or similar device that can tell the future in various ways.
  • Voices of a Distant Star, in which text messages are sent eight light-years into space.
  • Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin: The cell phone Maya swipes, from Fumiaki, has the ability to identify the "Nostradamus Key" with its camera function. Said artifact will trigger an alien invasion that results in The End of the World as We Know It.
  • In Hunter Hunter, Shalnark uses his cell phone as his weapon of choice. It lets him mind-control anyone he places a receiver on (and seems to control what they say via him texting the phrases). He can also stick a receiver on himself to give himself a power boost, though he can only move by inputting commands into the phone, and it quickly exhausts him of his energy. It can work as a normal cell phone.

Eastern European Animation
  • Max and Sally and the Phenomenal Phone by Milos Macourek and illustrated/animated by Adolf Born: Two three-graders and friends, Max and Sally, help a stranger to find his lost glasses, and as a reward, he gifts them a seemingly ordinary torn-off telephone receiver. The receiver turns out to be magic. When they speak to it, some man's voice answers and grants their wishes. Max and Sally must be careful what they wish for, but usually, they have great fun and enjoy great adventures.

  • In Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Peter and Aldous mock titular faux film star Marshall's having appeared in a film about a murderous cell phone, wondering why the phone could not be defeated by simply removing the battery.

  • Stephen King's Cell- the phones turned everyone into zombies.
  • China Mieville's Kraken has 'knacked' mobile phones that can do things like communicate with Wati, a disembodied spirit, or communicate over an unlimited range.
  • The Prague Cemetery mentions the Arcula Mystica, which is a diabolical telephone of which there are seven in existence. It operates wirelessly and is even able to communicate directly with its owner if he's away from it. This is one of the many creative fabrications of Real Life hoaxter Léo Taxil, who features in this historical novel.
  • The landlines and cellphones owned by the faerie in the October Daye series are all magicked for privacy and to work under odd magical conditions where technology ordinarily would not function.
  • In The Laundry Series by Charles Stross, magic is advanced maths, and is therefore easier for computers to do than people. When Bob gets an iPhone, Brain gimmicks it to have the usual array of Laundry Agent spells as apps.
  • In Dead Lines, a telecommunications company markets the "Trans", a cellphone which they claim has near unlimited bandwidth, but it turns out that the bandwidth that it uses is also used by souls travelling to the afterlife.

Live Action TV
  • Doctor Who: The Doctor upgrades Rose's phone in The End of the World. Also, The Gasmask Child in The Empty Child manages to activate the phone on the outside of the Police Box, much to The Doctor's amazement.
  • There have been several iterations of Power Rangers wherein their cellphones have been incorporated with their morphers.
  • In The X-Files episode "Christmas Carol", Scully receives a phone call from a mysterious woman who sounds just like her dead sister Melissa. She urges her to help a little girl who turns out to be Scully's biological daughter. The FBI were able to trace the address and it's confirmed that a call came in from that place, but there was no outgoing call from that residence and their phone had been off the hook.

Video Games
  • In The World Ends with You', the main characters receive the rules for the days games from the Reapers with their cellphones through text messages. Joshua however kicks it up a notch using his to use initiate his attacks which include dropping objects and Jesus beams on his enemies.
  • Played with in Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor. In the first game, the protagonists receive COMPs - "Communications Players" that look like DS systems - which have been hacked to use the Demon Summoning Program; not quite cellphones, but in much the same spirit. The second game does use cellphones, but there's nothing inherently unusual about them: they only become unusual once the Demon Summoning App is force-installed on them.

Tabletop Game
  • d20 Modern has the Eldritch Cell Phone, which can contact any person's phone without needing the number, or even call the phone nearest to the person if they don't have one of their own. It also has magical encryption and protection against tracing.
  • Werewolf: The Apocalypse supplement The Book of the Wyrm gave us the Umbraphone, a mobile phone which can call up spirits across the Gauntlet (the spiritual barrier separating the real world and the Umbra).
  • In In Nomine, Cherubim of Jean have the ability to call the nearest phone to any person or object they are attuned to. If there is no nearby phone, they can spend 1 "Essence" to cause a cell phone to materialize for 10 minutes within seven feet of their attuned.

Web Original
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