McNeil Clause
Voice actors that if present play many characters

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So your enjoying the latest installment in some animated series when you get a severe case of Hey, It's That Voice!. Then several minutes later you get it again but with a different charcter. Eventually it can get to the point that the voice actor is having an involved conversation with himself but one has Just a Stupid Accent.

Basically the Mc Neil Clause is "If X is in this then he will most likely play multiple to half the cast."

Named for VA Scott Mc Neil, who one can only assume has this in all of his voice acting contracts.


Anime and Manga
  • Christopher Sabat in Dragon Ball Z, who played 3 main characters, namely Piccolo, Vegeta, and Yamcha, in addition to numerous side characters including several ginyu force members and many of Frieza's goons.
  • StevenBlum though playing multipple characters in many anime played two of the biggest villains in Naruto, Zabuza Momochi and Orochimaru in addition to countless goons of various other villains

Western Animation
  • Trope Namer Scott Mc Neil in Beast Wars. Nuff Said.

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