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Recreational Out of Reach Introduction
The character is introduced doing something that puts them out of easy contact.
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Basically, the character, usually a high ranking leader, is introduced when they're doing something fun or recreational (at least by their standards) that also requires a subordinate, colleague or even higher up to come fetch them in person. Possibilities include but are not limited to: swimming, mountain climbing, using a holodeck / VR set, tending a farm or for double trope points any of the above after retirement.

Expect them to be huffy and grumpy at the interruption, demand the person leave (possibly even threatening violence) and insist they come back when it's not their off time. Of course, they'll explain they're only doing it because they have a "bad situation," which in all fairness does merit immediate attention.

Contrast 10-Minute Retirement. See also Retired Badass Roundup.


Comic Books
  • In Kingdom Come, after the death of Captain Atom results in irradiating the US breadbasket, Wonder Woman goes to get Superman out of retirement on his farm... which he's moved into a holodeck in the Fortress of Solitude.


Live-Action TV
  • In a late episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation Picard learns he has a son from a long-ago affair who is being targeted by a Ferengi captain in revenge for Picard killing his son many years before. When the Enterprise crew finds him on the planet he is living on he's mountain climbing; they beam him aboard in mid-climb.

Web Comics
  • Parodied in Penny Arcade with Tycho fishing, but being called back to beat the Russians in Ping Pong.

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