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When you look into a mirror, you see a person who is in some ways identical to yourself, but who is also in some ways your opposite. If you are right-handed, your mirror will show a left-handed person, and vice versa.

This "same but opposite" is the cornerstone of a Mirror World. A character's "same but opposite" counterpart is the Mirror Self. However, a Mirror Self can sometimes also be created by misuse of Applied Phlebotinum.

Not to be confused with an Alternate Self (see YKTTW entry), who is the same person without being an opposite. Might have gone through different experiences and been changed by them, but is not a polar opposite like the Mirror Self.


Live Action TV
  • In the Star Trek universe, there is a Mirror World where every character have a Mirror Self. Good characters have evil Mirror Selves, and vice versa. Ambigous characters simply have their defining traits reversed.
  • The Doctor encouters mirror counterparts of the UNIT team in the Doctor Who serial "Inferno".
    • It's Fan Wanked that the mirror universe Doctor himself is Big Brother Fearless Leader of the mirror world.
  • Played with in The Non-Adventures of Wonderella. Everybody in the mirror universe has the opposite moral alignment of their normal self -- except for Wonderella and Dr. Shark. As the mirror-world's Wonderella explains it:
    Anti-Wonderella: "The opposite of neutral is still neutral!"
  • In Calvin and Hobbes, or story arc features Calvin making a Mirror Self of himself. The real Calvin don't want to do his homework or clean his room, but his Mirror Self is a well adjusted polite little boy who gladly do these things... and proceeds to destroy his life by being way too nice.

  • The Callahan's Crosstime Saloon story ''Mirror/rorriM Off The Wall" has a Mirror Universe where everything is in reverse/backwards, including handedness and fingerprints. One of its inhabitants is a Mirror Self of someone in our universe: they're both named Robert Trebor.
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