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Batman IS A Symbol

As long as you don't remove the basics Your will recognise your hero.

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There are characters that be "interpreted" in many ways that as long as you don't change some basic stuff you can create as many versions of the character as you want.But if you change that basic stuff your hero will be In-Name-Only

For example Batman there are many versions of him we have the campy adam west batman , Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Batman: The Animated Series the batman of The Dark Knight Returns etc.Despitebeing vastly diffrerent between each other you recognise all of them as being batman

For example if you want to create your version of Batman As long as you have a rich guy called bruce wayne dresses himself in a bat suit gets his parents killed and fights crime the character will be bataman. Anything else can be changed and yet the character will still be Batman.

This kind of characters tend to be frozen Comic-Book Time and are most common in westernanimation and western comickbooks

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