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Cute Bookworm
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A cute and brainy bibliophile, this trope embodies the Moe archetype as applied to a nerdy girl. She wanders around with her head in a book, and is ready to spout out facts at the drop of a hat. There's a tendency for her to be shy, young, quiet and socially awkward. Occasionally this is highlighted by having her wear glasses, or have her bangs in her face to hide her eyes. She'll almost always be more conservatively dressed than most of the cast.

This trope tends to be female, but there are male examples, though they tend to be younger males, or at least look it. Occupation wise they might be a scientist, a librarian, a schoolgirl, a Squishy Wizard, or something similar in nature.

May overlap with Badass Bookworm and Adorkable. Contrast Hot Librarian for an older more authoritative version. Subtrope of Bookworm.


Anime and Manga


  • Criminy from Sinfest is a good male example, from inside his fort of books. His large eyes, intellect, and a sweet demeanour are what Fuchsia falls in love with.

Visual Novels
  • Hiroko in Yume Miru Kusuri which is immensely different from the 'normal' face she presents as Nekoko because her normal life pains her.
  • Kotomi in CLANNAD is very socially awkward, shy and ridiculously intelligent. She also reads to a fairly unhealthy extent.
  • Hanako in Katawa Shoujo, though the social isolation is actually due to a complex over her burn scars. The Peek-a-Bangs part of the trope are also for the same reason. Still a shy, quiet bookworm that covers her face, though.

Video Games
  • Tokimeki Memorial 1 has Mio Kisaragi, a cute and shy Meganekko who loves reading books (to the point of reading four of them per day), thus she spends a lot of her time at libraries, and she often helps at Kirameki High's one. It's also her who finds the Soccer Manual that'll help the protagonist improve his striker skills, during the storyline of the side game Nijiiro no Seishun.

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