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Even The Ghouls Want Her
The person in question attracts not only humans but monsters/undead
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It's tough being beautiful. Here you have to maintain an image to attract both guys and girls, working hard to keep that cute vulnerable image even though you're a Covert Pervert and secretly want the attention.

But apparently your standards have lowered, because now even the ghouls want you. Maybe you're just innocently walking through the haunted house of an amusement park when one of the ghosts hits on you. Or maybe you're getting hit on by a few dog or fox demons.

This is not to be confused with someone who intentionally dates such creatures, in order to qualify they have to attract the attention (wanted or not) of supernatural creatures and the undead. Also, goddesses and angels generally don't count, as they aren't really creepy enough to be an issue for normal people to date.

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