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My Precious
A rare item that elicites an almost worshipping response in a character or characters
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There are items that are rare and hard to find, which makes having it that much greater. Not all people may be consumed with the acquisition of the item, but "My Precious" is when it causes at least one person to persue an obsession with possessing it. The real kicker is that people unaware of it's rarity may have a hard time understanding why it is so precious.

Note that his isn't just generic resources like Gold, Silver or purple dye, but an individual item.

Compare MacGuffin, I Call It "Vera" and Companion Cube. If the item approaches a sexual response it may be a Geeky Turn-On.

  • Trope Namer comes from The Lord of the Rings and in part, The Hobbit. The One Ring causes a subliminal desire for those in close proximity to possess it and cradle it with affection. If influenced by it long enough the individual ends up calling it "My Precious," a Verbal Tic indicating someone is under it's influence with the biggest example being Gollum.
  • The trope namer is parodied in The Big Bang Theory where the guys come across one of the One Ring props from the movie, which causes all of the guys to want to possess it. Not willing to share, they get into a hands-on competition to see who could hold on to it the longest with out letting go. Fittingly, Sheldon has a nightmare where he turned into Gollum.
  • In Transformers Prime Megatron returned to Earth in possession of a large chunk of Dark Energon, which he consistently admired in a containment case. Dark Energon showed properties of enhancing Cybertronians and corrupting machinery, going all the way to being able to revive dead machines in a feral/zombie state. This is a continuation of Transformers: War for Cybertron, where a different form of Dark Energon (primarily corruptive properties) is a catalyst for a major shift in the war.

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