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Do We Have This One? ? (If not, I will write a longer description)

Whenever there is a creature with clowing eyes (usually either magical or robotic) , the most common way to show that one died is a shot focused on the light in its eyes going out.

Seen It a Million Times
  • Terminator is probably the ur-example
  • Lava mutant in Batman Beyond
  • Spoofed in Scary Movie III. A woman is hit by a car and ends with the engine block through her body. When she dies, the car's lights go out.
  • Mordred's animated gargoile statues in JLA cartoon
  • H A L 9000
  • Golems in Discworld have glowing eyes that go out when they're inactive.
  • Happens to Marvin in the Hitchhiker's movie. Of course he's not really dead, but the first time you see it in the theater it's very dramatic, with a hint of "did that really happen?"
  • In the intro of Dawn of War II, a space marine does it when his Power Armor is pierced.
  • Optimus Prime in Transformers animated movie. The authors must have had some bet on how many tropes they can fit into one death scene...
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