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World's Best Stripper
A character is better than they should be at doing something because the actor is good at it
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Trope Namer: Demi Moore in Striptease, who's supposed to be a single mom/secretary who takes up stripping to earn money for her custody case. Since it's Demi Moore, and since the plot is a minor distraction to the spectacle of Ms. Moore working the pole, she is the World's Best Stripper. Assisted by her gorgeous face and flawless body, she performs the hell out of her well-choreographed routines. She's the Martha Graham of strippers, even though she dances at an ordinary neighborhood club.

Likewise, it's rare for characters to ever be violently average at singing, dancing and performing. Unless the story calls for them to suck, they're going to be pretty damn good. A recent TV example: Don Draper's secretary/wife on Mad Men, who performs a cute French song for Don flawlessly (and clearly lip-synching) with all the sex-kitten bells and whistles. It's almost as if she were a professional performer who'd had the whole thing choreographed and rehearsed it for weeks, and....oh, right.
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