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The Unflappable
Nothing fazes them
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There is always something appealing about someone who seems like they remain in control regardless if they are about to get a bomb dropped on them. The Unflappable will look into every event and keep a level head regardless of the situation, they may even face death with an Obi-Wan Moment.

That's not all to say that they are completely stoic or are never caught by surprise. Like any Berserk Button, something may send them off the deep end. But the majority of the time they roll with the punches so well they make it look easy.

  • Namechecked in Scrubs where Michael J. Fox guest starred as a "superhero" doctor and was so OCD that nothing could startle him. After a bird hitting a window makes J.D. jump and Dr. Casey didn't even flinch, J.D. said "Wow! You are unflappable!" "That's right, I cannot be flapped."
  • Megatron in Transformers Prime deals with all sorts of suprising events and the most he ever does is a Psychotic Smirk as he is actually a big fan of chaos. In the episode "Armada" he was confronted with both an Insecticon Army and four Starscream clones trying to kill him and all he really says is an almost monotone "Busy day for assassins." That makes the few times he does lose his cool all the more significant.
  • Most of Team Westen in Burn Notice, as they have enough experience that they are able to handle most any curveball with a steely competence and quick thinking to turn a bad event into a positive outcome.
  • This is the expected default for Jedi in the Star Wars series, though how well each one does depends on the individual. In A New Hope while the Millenium Falcon is being pulled into the Death Star, everyone in the cockpit is getting antsy while Obi-Wan remains calm and collected, explaining "There are alternatives to fighting."
  • In the American Civil War, General "Stonewall" Jackson got his nickname for his unflinching observation of the battlefield, even as his troops and advisors were running for cover.
  • Christopher Titus jokes that because of his heavily dysfunctional family life that nothing catches him by surprise. "Once you've driven your drunk father to mom's parole hearing what else is there?"
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