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Desert Adventure
Adventure fiction set in the Middle East or North Africa, drawing from the tradition of the pulps.
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The common thread running through Indiana Jones, The Mummy series, Robert E. Howard's El Borak tales. Often involves globetrotting explorers or expats of American or English origin (Mighty Whitey). Typically some Tomb Raiding, treasure hunting, Nazi punching. Temples of Doom are usually tied to the plot. Vehicle action sequences will involve old-timey jeeps, tanks, motorcycles, and planes. The presence of Axis forces can be just a backdrop, or it can serve as a significant plot element. An Adventurer Archaeologist in his or her Adventurer Outfit is a must if the plot deals at all with the legacy of ancient cultures in the region.

There are elements of this in other tropes (especially Qurac and Arabian Nights Days), but I wanted one that specifically harkens to the 1920's through the 40's. The era is not a requirement, but the spirit of the era is. Also, this is separate from Darkest Africa because A) We're not talking about all of Africa, just the north, and B) We're including the Middle East, which is a big chunk of Asia.

Owing to this settings pulp origins, there can be some racial insensitivity in play, but many of these stories are at least Fair for Its Day.

Being a Sub Genre trope, some or all elements of this setting can be used at the author's discretion.



  • El Borak by Robert E. Howard
  • Beau Geste


Video Games:
  • The Egypt segments of the original Tomb Raider game
  • Uncharted 3
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