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Mundane Ghost Story
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A ghost story involving rational worries rather than implausible phobias.

Someone tells a ghost story in classic fashion, probably around a campfire or with a flashlight aimed up under the face, only the ghost story is about something that is not really scary in the traditional nightmare sense, but is more like taxes, or being stuck in a loveless marriage, dying alone, bigotry, living an unfulfilling life, being homeless after losing your job, or a stupid religious-nut oil-baron becoming president through election fraud and exploiting terrorism. However, this is usually played for laughs, avoiding anything involving physical pain or death, dealing with something sillier like having to wear a stupid outfit to school, or having a bad haircut, or eating tofu burgers.

The ghost story usually bypasses fantastic and or supernatural horrors, such as the common ghost story, for something that tends to actually happen in real life to sane people, like nose jobs gone wrong, as demonstrated in The Addams Family Values.

Cheaper by the Dozen 2 did this. The rich kids were reading about a family that was worrying about how to pay their car payment that month, and then they all shuddered in fear or disgust, I guess at the thought of being not super-rich.

The Simpsons featured a carnival "house of horrors" ride that presents an old woman in a rocking chair who says, "Behold! The ravages of age!"

Also, I could have sworn there was a trope for something along the lines of "adult fears" that dealt with stuff like taxes and sexual inadequacy and the death of offspring. Whatever happened to that one? Do We Have This One? It's like that, only told as a ghost story.

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