Created By: Chiron0224 on November 6, 2012

Bullshit Bomb

weapon so hideously powerful and full of tricks as to cause one's opponent to cry "What?! Bullshit!"

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Named for the wheel bombs of death from Battleship:The Movie. These bullshit bombs can drive themselves, cut through earth's technology like a hot knife through butter, can fly, can determine their own targets and even have a hidden whip whose sole purpose seems to be to destroy things they somehow missed. To qualify a weapon needs to be more than simply powerful, it needs to come across as something with so many cheap and absurd tricks as to be horrifically unfair to anyone unfortunate enough to have to fight against it.
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  • November 6, 2012
    wait, those things were officially called that in the movie? I don't remember them being given a name.
  • November 6, 2012
    no, I meant that the name is inspired by my reaction to those things when I turned to my roommate and said "those things are just bullshit man! They should be called 'bullshit bombs'"
  • November 7, 2012
    Our Family Friendliness policy discourages the use of foul language for its own sake, so Needs A Better Name.

    Unbelievably Unfair Weapon?

    Also, as written this is a YMMV Audience Reaction trope.
  • November 7, 2012
  • November 7, 2012
    Ummmmm... this is a VERY nebulous concept - defining what qualifies would be hard. It also sounds like a complaining trope, which we frown on these days. You'd need to find a way to write the description that doesn't sound critical of the author.