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Superheroes Obey the Little Laws
They may invade a country now and then, but they always do the little things
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Superheroes break big laws all the time. They "arrest" criminals without warrants, they violate foreign airspace, they threaten foreign dictators, and so forth. But the thing that separates the true superhero from the Anti-Hero is that they respect the little laws. They pay their tolls. They do the paperwork for the government.

(Somewhat distant) Sister Trope to Nice to the Waiter.

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  • The 1981 Spider-Man cartoon. Spidey needs to read a newspaper, so he grabs one with his webline. However, he does send a coin back down to the newspaper boy to pay for it. He could've easily stolen it, but he didn't.
  • In Superman: The Animated Series Supes and Flash are racing around the world. They're going so fast that they're nothing but a blur and a gust of wind, but they still toss coins into a tollbooth as they pass it.
  • Captain America does this all the time. From the Nice To The Water page...
    Cap hands over filled-out paperwork about the ticketed Quinjet (including the badge number of the officer who gave the ticket) and the voucher for taking something out of a prison. The accountants love him.

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