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Late Villain Nerf
His insurmountable ability's gone, now we can get him.
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Someone (not necessarily a Villain) has an ability, a Game Breaker or something verging on that. The central reason he can't be defeated, hurt or even approached. Then, late in the story, someone applies some Phlebotinum that strips them of this ability.

Something of the Inverse of Eleventh Hour Superpower; in that this usually is applied to Villains, is the removal of a powerful ability but still happens late into a story.

Given that this happens late into a story, it's a spoiler trope.

Alternate Title Suggestion: Blinding The Basilisk.


Anime and Manga
  • A few examples happen in Fullmetal Alchemist's manga and second series:
    • Father, soon after using millions of souls to trap 'God' within himself, has those souls extracted from him. This forces him to use the remaining hundred thousand souls to keep 'God' within him. He fails, spectacularly.
    • Greed's Instant Armour is revealed to be made of carbon steel, so Edward is able to transmute it into graphite (a weaker carbon compound).
    • Wrath's Ultimate Eye allows him to predict his enemy's moves, however if something blocks his vision he can't use his ability to counter it, because of this he sustains his first injury late into both the Manga and the second Anime.
    • Pride suffers this twofold, his shadows can't manifest in complete darkness or intense light and after forcing Mustang to perform human transmutation, his container starts weakening.
    • Mustang himself experiences a subversion of this. Being forced to perform Human Transmutation costs him his vision, and because his ability is to shoot flame he's practically left useless during the climax of the Final Battle, despite this process granting him the ability to use Alchemy without an array circle. It's a subversion because not only does his right hand woman help him to aim his attacks but also because his vision is restored after The Climax, Inverting this into an Eleventh Hour Superpower.

Comic Books
  • Watchmen's Dr Manhattan has his ability to see the future jammed by tachyons allowing Ozymandias to kill much of New York; and in the movie, to destroy several capital cities and frame Dr Manhattan.


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