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Memory Jar
Memories kept in an object for safekeeping and viewing.
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This trope is when an object becomes imbued with the memories of a character, allowing others to gain these memories in a Pensieve Flashback or Exposition Beam. The "Jar" may be single use or reusable, and while it is often made intentionally either as an awesome form of journaling or diary keeping, it's entirely possible for it to be made unintentionally. In those cases, it's probably a psychic or wizard using a form of touch based Psychometry to find out the history of an item.

In some cases, the Memory Jar can potentially be a complete record of a character's memories, becoming both a biography and potentially a "restore point" if their memories are damaged or a clone has to imprinted.

Anime & Manga
  • In the episode "Glass Labyrinth" of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Motoko seemingly gets hacked and finds her way to a curio shop where the store owner holds onto items full of memories from the customers who left them in her care. The psychic imprints that each object gives off allows her to tell the full story behind it. Motoko is soon reminded about the story of her and Kuze's past, and the tragic plane crash that brought them together when they were both just six years old.

Film - Live Action
  • In TheNeverendingStoryII Bastian is slowly losing his memories which are being kept in what appear to be glass orbs by Xayide.

Film - Western Animation
  • Rise of the Guardians has baby teeth work this way, storing childhood memories that the toothfairy returns to children when they might forget their youthful dreams or self.


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