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The so called Orient: Stretching from Egypt to Japan and including everything in-between. Seen through classic European glasses as being one single entity - one of mystery and adventure, were white men can display their superiority and masculinity over the decadent and feminized "orientals".

The development of this ethnocentric vision of "the Orient" went hand in hand with imperialism and colonialism.

Orientalism is a particular set of overarching stock stereotypes about everything and anything east of Greece. Orientialism also relates to the idea of the East being an exotic locale, a place where Suspension of Disbelief is a little easier for Western audiences. Just as an example, the original Comic Book/Green Lantern found his magic ring and lantern in Chinatown. Why not Germantown? There are plenty of stories of European magicians and daemons, but the Chinatown shop serves as a jumping off point for something mysterious, anachronistic, and magical in a modern setting. Hence, Orientalism.

Compare and contrast Arabian Nights Days.

See also the other wiki.

Tropes heavily connected to orientalism:

Tropes that commonly appear in conjunction with orientalism, but are not in themselves part of it:

Individual works famous for orientalism:

Comic Books

  • Discussed in Edward Said's book Orientalism, which named the phenomenon.

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