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Nerves Of Steel

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This is a subtrope of Heroic Spirit. This is a character whose mind is a weapon as sharp as a sword. This character keeps absolute control over his mind and it functions perfectly in all circumstances. It is not just a matter of being The Stoic. He not only suppresses his emotions, he activates his mind and it keeps on functioning. This is a very good trait for a Badass Bookworm and almost mandatory for The Spock . It also has overlap with Determinator and Stiff Upper Lip . And of course if someone is a Magnificent Bastard or a Guile Hero he will very likely have this.


  • Nico Robin should qualify. She's the one on the upper right not losing her cool.



Live-Action TV

  • Michael Weston in Burn Notice

  • Charlie Eppes in NUMB3RS plays this partially straight. For large parts of the show his mind is working perfectly. But every once in a while his mind has a temporary "system crash".

  • Spock on Star Trek displays this. You Should Know This Already.
    • Kirk often does too.
    • In a Star Trek TOS/ Star Trek: The Next Generation /Deep Space Nine Crossover novel whose name escapes me (it's been a long time since I read it) Dr. Bashir was doing some very delicate operation and the Red Alert claxons went off. Dr. Mc Coy was sure that the patient was dead because the noise would have startled Bashir but no, he kept his scalpel very still. Then he contacted the bridge. "Turn off the alarms in Sickbay. I held myself still once but I don't think I could do it again."

  • In Firefly Simon Tam displays this in Ariel. River does in Objects In Space.
Real Life

  • The Duke of Wellington

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