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The Afterlife

The place you go to after you die.

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This is going to be a supertrope to all tropes about the afterlife as well as an Index of subtropes. Please help suggest both examples of odd afterlifes and subtropes.

In the afterlife
You could be headed for the serious strife
Now you make the scene all day
But tomorrow there'll be Hell to pay

Almost all religions have a belief that you go somewhere after you die, but almost none of them are the same. Some say you go to Heaven, some say you burn in Hell, some say you're reincarnated as a small angry six inch tall blue man. The important part is, that this is a place that you go, after you die.

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  • In The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, due to their unusual form of travel to the titular eatery, the heroes briefly believe they're dead, and seriously consider the consequences of the afterlife being a fancy restaurant.
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