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Five Dollar Ferrari
Terribly unrealistic pricing.
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A trope for prices that are just plain old incorrect. Nobody in real life would ever charge what they are charging unless they were a con artist. They can either be unrealistically low or insanely high. The price must be treated by the characters as if it is completely normal, and may often be a product of ignorance on the part of the author.


  • In the Axe Cop universe, everything is a dollar. This is partially justified, considering the author is 5 years old.
  • Many Japanese video games appear this way, as their fictional currencies are more often based on yen than USD. After all, how many kids playing Pokémon have wondered why a bottle of lemonade is $300?
  • The Heavy in Team Fortress 2 claims that it costs $400,000 to fire his gun for twelve seconds.
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