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Down Here Shot
Camera can't find short people
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"Once I acquire the power of the sun, I — (to the cameraman) Down here, you fool."
wannabe evil genius in an ad for Sunny Delight

In a show with a comparatively small character, whether they be a gnome, a dwarf, a hobbit, or just very small, a common gag is to have the camera show some nice scenery, and then Tilt down to reveal the character standing there, possibly giving the camera a weary look.

Expect Forced Perspective when these characters arenít actually played by actors with dwarfism.


  • Used in a Sunny Delight ad involving a wannabe Evil Overlord trying to gain the power of the sun. Or something.

Anime and Manga
  • Done constantly in Seitokai Yakuindomo with Suzu. Often lampshaded with an arrow labeled "Suzu is down here."


  • Veggie Tales. A chapter book based on Larry-Boy: The Cartoon Adventures features an evil emperor who is a cherry tomato. A Running Gag in this particular book is that nobody can see him when he talks, so he has to tell everyone "I'm down here!"

Live-Action TV
  • A variant was done in one episode of the Canadian TV show You Can't Do That On Television when they spoofed fashions. At the end, two boys (one around 8 and one teenaged) came on-set pretending to be naked as the ultimate fashion. The younger boy started asking for the camera to pan down because it was only framing his head. The female host quickly calls out "run the credits" as she realises that panning down would expose a bit more of the older (taller) boy than would be "safe"...
  • Recurring character Attorney Bethany Horowitz on Boston Legal was a dwarf (played by actress Meredith Eaton, who is 4 feet tall), and there are a few scenes where Denny Crane (who lusts after her) is talking about her, and then the camera pans down and he discovers she's standing right next to him—and not pleased.
  • In a sketch on Monty Python's Flying Circus a sports commentator is talking to a bunch of horse jockeys and all we can see are the tops of their caps. Then another even more famous jockey comes over and we can't see him at all until he climbs on a Scully Box, at which time we can see his hat too.

Video Games
  • Taking Oddjob in Golden Eye 1997 is generally considered cheating, as his shorter frame means you have to aim downwards to hit him.

Western Animation
  • On the Goofy short Double Dribble, the camera holds on a shot of basketball players standing in line. As the line moves there is a gap, and the camera moves down to a ridiculously short player.
  • In an episode of The Simpsons Moe is waiting for his computer-date to show up. She knocks and he opens the door to nothing and assumes he's been ding-dong-ditched, but she's a little person and has to get him to look down.

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