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Eyes of Death
Killing someone by looking at them, often in the eyes.
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Death Glare, but literal. Often done through some kind of magic. Older Than Feudalism, because of the basilisk. May require No Eye in Magic to work

  • The basilisk in Classical Mythology
  • Damien Thorn to his adopted brother in The Omen.
  • A version of Clayface, and Spectre in "DC Comics".
  • In Jedi Knight, there's a Force power called Force Deadly Sight that is basically this. One of the bosses, Sariss, can use it against you in battle, and there's a way -- if you play as a bad guy, that is -- to become capable of using it yourself later in the game.
Tabletop RPG
  • 1st edition Dungeons & Dragons.
    • Meeting the gaze of the catoblepas causes death.
    • If you're on the Astral Plane, looking a basilisk in the eyes will kill you.
    • The beholder has two small eyes which cause death or disintegration to any creature they look at.
  • Ghost Rider's Penance Stare, which redirects all of suffering and pain inflicted on others by its target back onto the victim themselves. It can be downright fatal depending on who Ghosty is performing the move on. LOOK INTO HIS EYES.
  • Judge Dredd has Judge Fear, one of a group of undead Judges from a parallel universe, who can scare people to death by letting them see his face. He always gives his catchphrase "Gaze into the face of fear" just before exposing people to it.
Not to be confused with Death Glare, compare and contrast Taken for Granite. Unrelated to Gorgon Gazing.
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