Panicky Expectant Father

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When the Delivery Guy is the father of the baby, and has been preparing for this for the last nine months, he's often every bit as unprepared when the time comes as some random guy would be, and usually a lot less calm. Sometimes he's overprepared, so that he's still reading his checklist while his wife is having a Screaming Birth, sometimes his mind just goes blank at the thought he's going to be a father. On being told by his partner that the baby is coming, he will often charge of immediately to the hospital only to return a few seconds later to collect said pregnant partner. A comedy trope.

  • Delboy, at the birth of Damian in Only Fools and Horses. The full version, complete with heading to the hospital without Raquel.
  • Ross, at the birth of Ben in Friends.
  • Turk, at the birth of Isabella in Scrubs, eventually ends up trapped in an ice machine. The other births have been aversions or subversions: JD is too concerned with the realisation he needs to break up with Kim to panic too much at the birth of Sam. Dr Cox seems to have been fairly calm about the birth of Jack (probably because he didn't know the baby was his), and when Jennifer is born, we only see his concern about people associating her birth with Laverne's death.
  • Steve, at the birth of his unnamed child in Coupling.
  • Deliberately averted with the birth of Mordred in Arthur, King of Time and Space.
  • Fred Flintstone in The Flintstones, during the birth of Pebbles, headed to the hospital without Wilma
  • Ricky in I Love Lucy.
  • LOST subverted this. In the flashbacks (flashforwards?) we see Jin running around buying gifts for a newborn baby, which we assume is his and Sun's child in the future. Turns out that Jin is actually buying a gift for his boss' newborn child in the past and he is actually dead in the future and does not see his child being born, except he's not really dead.
  • Rob Petrie in The Dick Van Dyke Show.
  • Second hand Troper Tale: Peter David (Writer of Stuff) wrote in his blog that, when one of his daughters was about to be born his (other) daughter expected her parents to run around like this, because TV had taught her that that's what you do.
  • Very common in the Distaff Counterpart Harvest Moon games--usually, during the "child born" scene, the Player Character's husband is off worrying. Some of them have only a normal worry, but others are so panicky, they'll get told by the Delivery Guy or gal: "Honestly, I'm more worried about you!"
  • Adam's father in Good Omens is kinda like this. Lampshaded, even: "A man with 'expectant father' written all over him." (So of course, they swap his child with the infant Antichrist...)
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