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Freeze-Proof Pants

Snow won't bother you as long as you just wear a shirt and pants.

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The sub-zero counterpart to Convection Schmonvection. When someone is in an icy, freezing and many times snowy environment, but seems to not really care about the fact that low temperatures can easily kill you unless you're bundled up. They wear the same clothes that they otherwise wear, from shirts to pants, and just walk into the Slippy-Slidey Ice World no problem. At most they'll just shiver a bit if standing still, but they're good. Common in Video Games.
  • Mario Bros. keep sporting their overalls in the Ice Stage, and even swim through the no-doubt freezing water found in these levels. If that wasn't enough, Toad is a playable character in newer Marios, sporting just an open vest and "pants".
  • Crash Bandicoot goes to the coldest places on the planet in search of crystals wearing just pants. One might argue that he's furry, thus having a coat, but actual Bandicoots reside in rather warm Australian territories.
  • Spike from Ape Escape takes this Up to Eleven by traveling to 3 separate locations in the Ice Age wearing just a T-Shirt and shorts.
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