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Party Of Me
Since all of Bob's friends have gone off to do their own thing, Bob decides to throw a party for himself.
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All of a character's friends have gone off to do their own thing, leaving him alone and feeling abandoned. Determined not to let his loneliness get him down, he declares that he doesn't need anybody else to have a good time, and decides to throw a party for himself. This usually involved him decorating for a party, preparing food, or otherwise engaging in activities normally more suited to a large group of people, possibly using toys or props as stand-ins for real other people. This may end up with his friends showing up and him either being mortified to be discovered having a solo party, or the friends joining in and turning it into a real party (or both).

This may be a supertrope of One-Person Birthday Party, although that often involves a person planning a party with the expectation that others will show up (which nobody does); this trope, in contrast, involved a person who already know they are going to be alone deciding to throw a party for themselves.


  • In Home Alone, the lonely left-behind kid creates a party atmosphere (in part to scare off intended burglars).
  • In The Sixth Sense Malcolm's wife goes out for a wedding anniversary dinner by herself because her husband was shot and killed several months earlier.
  • In The Muppets, after Gary fails to turn up for a lunch date, Mary sings "Me Party", about how she doesn't need him to have a good time.

Western Animation
  • In My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Pinkie Pie does this because she forgot her own birthday and thought her friends were ditching the party she planned on the spot. She decides to throw her own party, and due to her getting some major Sanity Slippage, the "guests" are a bunch of rocks, a piece of lint, a bag of flour, and a bucket of turnips.
  • In South Park, Eric Cartman ditches his friends to have a tea party with his stuffed animals.
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