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The Best wrestler in the world!
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In February 23rd, you are going to get the opportunity of the lifetime, because, at NWA Ring Warriors event you're to step into the ring with me and take the most important title in the wrestling, The Battling Bombshells championship? Amber, I fought hard to get this title and, you know, ever harder to keep it against woman like Santana Garret-The Model, Leva Bates-The Superhero, Sienna Duvall-The Diva Beater, Su Yung and the best wrestler in the world, little one, Kacee Carlisle the NWA woman world champion!
—La Rosa Negra, summarizing her rivals.

The most important thing for a professional wrestler to do is to get an audience interested in them. Simply learning to wrestle an interesting match is important for sure but most wrestlers have something that draws audiences to them besides their wrestling skills. A distinctive look, Overwhelming size, a resonating catch phrase, a likeable personality, an otherworldly aura, a reputation built in a different sport, a memorable manager, something beyond mere wrestling ability that catches audience attention.

But every now and then come those promoting themselves on wrestling alone, because wrestling is what they do better than any other human being alive! Maybe it is only believed by themselves? Maybe the company itself promotes them as such. Maybe it is only used by other people to move things along because saying otherwise would end up draining their time. Whatever the case, these wrestler's gimmick rest on them being the world's best wrestler.

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  • The Trope Maker is Harley Race, the best damn wrestler on God's green Earth! He may not have been the first wrestler ever to make the claim but virtually anyone you see basing their gimmick around it probably got it from Harley Race or somebody who got it from Harley Race (especially now that he has his academy)
  • The World's Greatest Tag Team, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas provide the page image. Though Shelton originally declared them to be "The Best Damn Tag Team Ever, Period!"
  • The world's greatest tag team was originally "Team Angle", and so they probably picked it up from Kurt, who has a tendency to call himself the best in the world (he technically was in real life, being an Olympic Gold Medalist and all).
  • Bret Hart was not just the best wrestler in the world but the best there was, is or ever will be!
  • Besides being the title of one of their pay per view events, pretty much every Ring Of Honor champion has been billed as "Best In The World". (Samoa Joe, American Dragon, CM Punk, Austin Aries, Tyler Black)
  • Chris Jericho would like to remind all you lying hypocritical parasites that he is the best in the world at what he does!
  • This was the basis of Mistico's rudo persona.
  • The angle around Michelle McCool after she won the race to be the first women's and WWE diva's champion was her proving to be the 'best ever' by injuring more people than the so called divas before her.
  • The Lovey Lacey of the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew is the best wrestler in the multiverse. Shimmer champions Sweet Saraya and Sara Del Ray have had this billing 'officially'.
  • World Elite was formed from Eric Young's annoyance at being laughed at by American fans for years, him ranting about being the best wrestler in the world and forming a team of non Americans who could understand it and hate America with him. TNA even changed the legend's championship to the Global Championship when he held it.
  • Tara said she came to TNA because she wanted to be remembered as the best and did not think it would happen if she stayed in WWE.
  • Freelance professional wrestler Takuya Sugi, better known as Hustle Kamen Red and Yoshitisune, has been billed as the best in the world, or at least, best high flier in the world.
  • An infamous example was Triple H during the reign of terror, where the commentary would talk about the great technical ability Triple H never displayed.
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated annually ranks the top fifty wrestlers (by male, female and tag team) which sometimes trickles back into the wrestling promotions themselves (such as USWA when Jerry Lawler and Jacqueline had won or WWE with Los Guerreros). Angel Williams took to calling herself best in the business (in reality, she was ranked #2 two years in a row) and there was a spat between TNA and ROH over whether Motor City Machine Guns or the Briscoes deserved it more in 2010.
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