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Eject The Loser

GameShow Trope where eliminated contestants are forcefully ejected from further play.

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Game Show Trope where eliminated contestants, instead of merely being bid farewell, are forcefully ejected from the studio. Differs from a Walk of Shame, but often times no less humiliating. Generally, the contestants are not even given time to speak before they are removed. The name of the Trope comes from Anne Robinson, who occasionally used the line on The Weakest Link (even though the show did not use that Trope, instead preferring the Walk of Shame for its losers).

Note that this does not include shows like Match Game, where losing contestants remain seated at a part of the stage used for the upfront game that rotates or moves out of the camera's sight as the winner prepares to play the Bonus Round.


  • Showdown, a 1966 Heatter-Quigley game show, is the Ur-Example. Teams of contestants competed to answer questions in a format similar to what would be used on Hot Potato, with players who answered wrong being dropped through the floor and eliminated from the game.
  • Musical Chairs, a 1975 game show hosted by Adam Wade, featured eliminated contestants being pulled backwards through a wall while still in their chairs during the final round.
  • The Video Game (1984) featured the Res-Off Round, in which contestants had to navigate the Lovely Assistant through a maze of lighted squares; guiding her to a wrong square resulted in the contestant being "de-resed" (made to "disappear" by means of special camera effects).
  • Remote Control, the late-80's MTV game show; similar to Musical Chairs (but much more violently), contestants who were in last place when the TV went "Off the Air" in the second round were pulled back through the wall while being taunted by the host and announcer and being serenaded with a Crowd Song by the audience.
  • Russian Roulette, where contestants answering incorrectly were forced to pull a handle in hopes that a rotating light would not land on their "drop zone" and eliminate them by the trap door beneath them opening and sending them to the floor.
  • Downfall, where potential prizes were sent over the edge of a building via Conveyor Belt-O-Doom; elimination resulted in the contestant likewise being sent over (in a controlled fall, of course).
  • Distraction featured this occasionally, in particular when the challenge involved wrestlers, nudists, or roller derby girls; the contestant who lost this round was picked up and carried off by these individuals.
  • Who's Still Standing? recycled the "hole in the floor" concept from Russian Roulette.
  • The entire premise of One Hundred And One Ways To Leave A Gameshow and Ejector Seat.
  • Inverted by Masters of the Maze, where the member of the winning team that had run the maze was disintegrated into a floating ball of particles via CGI and sent on a "special journey" through the set and into the game's giant monitor.

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    There was a Swedish tv show a year or two ago that decided to make this the gimmick of the show. I think it was called Exit or Eject or something like that.
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    Yes, the US had Exit as well, on Sy Fy. That Other Wiki says it is an import from Japan. Same show?
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    How about simply Eject The Loser? People who lose game shows aren't necessarily idiots.
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    Not a bad idea... can anyone think of something more catchy? Lose The Loser, perhaps? Should it be expanded to something like "Losers Lose, Winners Don't" to include any show where losing is emphasized as equally as winning, if not moreso? This would encompass not only ejections and Walks of Shame but also game shows such as Trashed, Distraction, Beat the Crusher or Blast Lab in which losing results in the contestant's actual prizes, or even worse, their personal possessions being destroyed.
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    Now I recall, it was a version of One Hundred And One Ways To Leave A Gameshow.
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    Eject The Loser sounds better to me also.
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    Thirding Eject The Loser.
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