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To the Moon

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Some games have terrible endings, or even non-endings. They ran out of budget or They Just Didn't Care. And then there are the games where the creators said "Let's turn it Up to Eleven." The ultimate or penultimate locations of the game need to be really epic. But where can they set it? There's been a ice level, and a fire level, even an underwater level. We've done caves and jungles. We've done ruined temples. What could be cooler than those? Or maybe the whole story's an epic battle for the planet, and the player's already been everywhere in the world. There is no map left to explore.

Right. To the moon!

These games (and possibly stories) set their climax on the moon. There's usually little to no foreshadowing that this will happen. This isn't NASA the video game. You're not going to the moon to go to the moon. It's entirely incidental to the goal, which is usually "defeat this great evil who happens to have his lair on the moon" or "go get the lunar macguffin to defeat the great evil." It might not even be the moon in a literal sense, it could be a comet, or another planet, but it's a place that's not of this earth.


  • Final Fantasy IV - It's not just a final boss scene, it's got it's own world map and everything.
  • Portal 2 - This one comes almost out of nowhere to the point of being a Guide Dang It! or Moon Logic Puzzle there is a tiny bit of foreshadowing, but not much.
  • Illusion of Gaia - You wind up fighting the final battle on an evil comet and then staring at the pretty blue marble.
  • DuckTales for the NES - You can technically go to the moon at any time, so it's not a surprise, but it is the last listed level before the final boss level, so the game seems to expect you to do it last.

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