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Mistaken For Profound
Someone says something dumb, nonsensical or even plain, but others think it is profound.
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Such bitchy selfishness is wisdom for the ages.

Any time something is mistaken for deep, intelligent, or artistic, but it's clearly not. This could be for many reasons. Sometimes it's about differing perspectives on the meaning of what is said/done. Sometimes people lack the full context of what they are mistaking. Sometimes there is no reason other than Rule of Funny.

What happens next can also vary. The mistaken person may never be found out (and he/she may just go with this). Sometimes it cause problems for the mistaken person. Sometimes the mistaken thing is revealed to be what it is almost immediately after being praised (often by a character who is The Ditz, so it's pretending to be Dubmass Has A Point and then subverting it).

A Super Trope to Seemingly Profound Fool (when The Fool or The Ditz is constantly mistaken for being profound).


  • In a Kids in the Hall skit, Mark, Bruce, and Dave are sitting on a roof. Mark and Bruce take turns saying some things about the moon, Mark says something about romance, and Bruce says something like an angry beatnik poem. But when it's Dave's turn, he doesn't know what to say and just blurts out, "Gee, I wonder who owns that moon". Bruce and Mark act as though it's deep. Dave just shrugs and the skit ends.
  • In The Powerpuff Girls, Mayor is running for reelection, spouting his usual, tired lines. Fuzzy Lumpkins gets tired of Mayor's shouting to the crowd interrupting his sleep, so he yells "SHUT UP!", and people act like it's the best campaign slogan ever.
  • This strip of The Non-Adventures of Wonderella.

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