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Perma Shave
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Do We Have This? I can't seem to find it if we do.

Clean shaven counterpart to Perma Stubble. The heroes might be stuck in the wilderness with no supplies for days, spend weeks working tirelessly to create/research/outrun a deadly enemy, but they always have a baby-smooth face.

While it doesn't take much time to shave, it does require some base equipment (mirror, razor, cream/soap, hot water, or an electric razor) heroes who are normally seen clean shaven rarely need to have it to stay smooth.

This can be Played for Laughs by implying the character just doesn't grow facial hair at all. While everyone else has a Beard of Sorrow-type growth from the circumstances, they're as smooth as a smarmy preteen or smug elf.

Of course it's just as commonly justified as the character being both Crazy-Prepared and so dedicated to grooming/discipline they always shave (often before everyone else woke up).
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