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Actually, That Didn't Happen
After delivering a certain event, the narrator backs up and says
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"What sort of story would this be, with our Knight and Seer made to stay cadavers? Certainly not one the alpha timeline would allow. And not one she'd allow either."

A sure way to veer a story into Mind Screw territory is to deliver a Wham Episode, then say "just kidding, none of that happened". Possibly the undone events were hallucinated by one character, or occurred in an alternate timeline, or the narrator was just pushing your buttons.

A common calling card of the Unreliable Narrator. Can overlap with All Just a Dream, but that trope does not fully include this one.

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Video Games
  • A variant can occur in the second Monkey Island game. The majority of the game uses a How We Got Here framing device, with Guybrush explaining everything to Elaine; if the player lets Guybrush die during the acid pit sequence, Elaine calls him out on the obvious contradiction, and Guybrush is forced to backtrack and explain how it really went.

Web Comics
  • Homestuck has the page quote, told by stand-in narrator Doc Scratch, revealing that the events he'd just told the reader (namely, Jack Noir finding and slaying all the trolls in one fell swoop) were actually an alternate timeline that Terezi foresaw and averted.
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