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Secret Identity Theft
Your super-identity has been taken, and someone's joyriding it around.
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As opposed to Costume Copycat or Legendary Impostor, Secret Identity Theft involves a character losing his super identity against his will, and another guy taking up the mask. May be a temporary problem of the day if the guy is a baddie, or the start of a Legacy Character if the guy wants to help out.

  • Robin from Teen Titans has his Red X persona for when he needs to get his hands dirty, but the costume gets stolen from him and Red X becomes his own villain.
  • John Henry Irons's niece, Natasha, becomes the new Steel after her uncle gave her the Never Be a Hero speech. Obviously it didn't take, but John set his equipment up to respond to her commands, so he had this in mind.
  • In the new run of Ultimate Spiderman, Peter Parker was killed in a jailbreak of the Sinister Six, and Miles Morales happened to be the only kid with spider powers around to take up the mantle.

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