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Generic Cool Guy
Characters created on the gimmick of being laidback, but no unique person. or guiding philosophy
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"Line up the current Sam Fischer, Nathan Drake, guy from watchdogs [Aiden Pearce] ...every COD character and you see there is no difference in their appearences. All mid 20's dudes with brown/black hair stubble and a generic cool guy voice. Why are game developers afraid to let their main characters be characters anymore?"

"As a character Dante was such a generic 'cool guy badass', that he never had any real personality or character development."

okcomputer of N4G forums.

These are characters that are made to appeal to audiences (charming, easy-going, and attractive) and have little to no personality or guiding philosophy beyond that. This trope was something unique and new when it was implemented back in the day to create characters who were neither angsty nor paragons of virtue, but today have been copied and imitated repeatedly.

Traits of Generic Cool Guys

While this is not a bad trope in and of itself, but when done poorly can make a character as being a less than three dimensional one.

See also Escapist Character and Action Genre Hero Guy of which this trope overlaps with (The former of which this is somewhat of an outgrowth of and is like the later, albeit are generally are pretty boy versions minus a compelling and interesting personality.


Anime and Manga




Live-Action TV
  • Dean Winchester was this for the most part in the earlier seasons of Supernatural but after going several dilemmas, including being killed and going to hell after previously making a deal to save his brother's life, subverts this.
    • In the Season 5 episode, The Real Ghostbusters, The Winchesters encounter Cosplayers who dress as them at a convention for the Supernatural novel series based on the Winchesters (It Makes Sense in Context). Dean is especially not amused as being seen as simply a Generic Cool Guy whose suffering is for their entertainment.
Video Games

Western Animation
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