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Graph Joke
A certain phenomenon is lampshaded by illustrating it with a graph.
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Oddly enough, this is the only time Cyanide and Happiness has resorted to this trope.
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Bar graphs. Line graphs. Pie charts. Pictographs. They're typically found on the statistics page of your newspaper, and probably unnoteworthy... so one might not expect them to be used for humor.

There's an odd appeal, though, in graphing things that generally aren't expected to be graphed. Hence, the Graph Joke. Most common in webcomics because of their target audience.

This can apply to tropes, too. For example, a line graph can show a positive correlation between power and glowiness of weapons, and a pie graph illustrating the occupations of murderers can have a rather large "Butler" slice.


Live Action TV
  • David Letterman's "Charts and Graphs" desk bit is all this. Example.
  • How I Met Your Mother has the Hot/Crazy Scale, which shows how women rate according to how hot versus how crazy they were. Another episode had Marshall going overboard with making charts, including a pie chart on bars and a bar chart on pies.

Stand-Up Comedy
  • Dmitri Martin's stand-up comedy routine often features several graph jokes, presented hand-drawn.

Web Comics

Web Original
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